Hong-Sheng Orchid Farm

located at No. 234-1,Yong-Cheng Alley, Dong-Lan Rd. Dong Shi Town, Taichung County,first established in 1991, is one of Taiwan’s major orchid growers and exporters specialized in cutting and pot Oncidium spp. flowers.

  1995年 Paphiopedium (popularly known as Lady Slipper Orchid) Hong-Sheng Orchid Farm had in less than 5 years (1999) hosted more than 100 species of hand-picked seedlings and a wide variety of paternity hybrids which have unquestionably elevated
  2005年 In 2005, a mericlone nursery was set up to begin a systematic production process of paternity selection, pollination, seeding, flask cultivation, seedling, flowering plant to marketing of Paphiopedium.
  Currently ,with a cultivation area of 1600 ping (57,600 square feet) capable of an annual yield of 50,000 flask seedlings and 350,000 plant seedlings of Paphiopedium, with a variety covering top-quality breed, funny-looking Lady Slipper (pure breed and hybrid), and par-price Lady Slipper for commercial purposes, Maudiae type and complex etc.
  Hong-Sheng Orchid Farm enjoys sharing all diversified and quality flowering orchids with you.

Opportunities of partnership are available for interested foreign trading company.
For further information, please feel free to contact us.
such as in 1995,us as a top-scaled professional orchid grower.